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This week: are luxury watches a mess? Estelle Hedaya’s family still in limbo. Ugly diamonds may hold the key to history. Everything below.

Tiffany and Costco finally end an eight-year legal battle.

Forevermark, the De Beers distribution chain now under one CEO.

Tracing the price path from Lightbox diamonds.

– Two consumers share their thoughts on lab-grown diamonds (video).

Avi Krawitz: A “call for the transparency of synthetics”.

Brandee Dallow joins SCS. Will the miners follow?

– Everledger, GCAL partner on the origin of diamonds.

WD Lab Grown names Brooks Brothers, Timex veterans.

Pandora is in the process of moving out of the Baltimore headquarters.

Ruby glass filled with lead submitted to the GIA laboratory.

Treasures Bahamas accused of failing to pay Florida retailer.

Almod’s owner accuses the law firm of botching his case.

The Saks split is a “bold move”.

Are luxury watches a waste of money?

Six insights from the UK Watch Industry Report.

How to protect yourself and your product at trade shows.

Twitter is shutting down the fleets.

Alex Popov remembers Willie Nagel.

Estelle Hedaya’s family still in limbo.

Arnon Juwal elected president of the Israel Diamond Institute.

Israel Diamond Exchange hosts the very first innovation fair.

WFDB launches vaccination campaign for India.

The WJA Foundation announces the scholarship winners.

Signet joins Paradigm for Parity.

Viral TikTok shows a black woman forced to empty her purse to prove she didn’t steal jewelry.

Did Zimbabwe’s report say $ 140 million worth of diamonds had been stolen?

Who is behind the diamond newcomer LK Mining (subscription required)?

Diamonds exchanged for pebbles during a gemstone heist in London.

Ugly diamonds hold more than a billion years of Earth’s history.

– How diamonds could help unlock the secrets of quantum physics.

A local jeweler brings the famous clock to life.

The Kentucky jeweler aims to empower women.

Rob Gronkowski wore an absurd amount of diamonds for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ring ceremony.

The bride found a diamond thanks to an alerted TSA agent.

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Media watch:

Vox says “summer camp chic” pearls are back.

From the blog
Brandee Dallow joins SCS. Will the miners follow?

From the podcast

The jewelry district, Episode 49: Guest Alan Revere

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