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It’s only a matter of days until Apple’s next big talk (here’s when it will be), when the 2021 iPhones, AirPods 3, and Apple Watch Series 7 look certain to be revealed.

There have already been a lot of rumors about what the next watch will look like, but now the watches are on sale! These are of course not real ones, but overthrown clones in China. Don’t be put off, however: as a reliable leaker Jon prosser emphasizes: “The real thing looks a lot better.”

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Images were tweeted online by a regular leaker MajinBu, and show real photos of watches.

It’s worth noting that the same leaker suggested that a rose gold iPhone 13 is coming, and I’m not convinced. At least this time, they recognize that they are clones, not the real thing.

But look at them and you will see that they look like toys. And there is a reason for that: they are more or less. But what can they tell us about the Apple Watch Series 7?

Imitations look bulkier than I think, for starters, the real Apple Watch Series 7. It’s hard to tell from the photos if these devices have a flat back, unlike the real watch: I think it will stick. on the convex back to better measure the heart rate of the wearer, for example.

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And notice how the strap protrudes from the watch horizontally. Apple watch bands from day one have been angled downward to better fit the wrist.

Then there’s the Digital Crown, which is just awful. On the real thing, it will be more tucked away, not proud. Oh, and there is clearly no sensor in this one allowing the user to take an ECG on the wrist.

Likewise, the side button is projected here, but on Apple Watches it’s been aligned with the rest of the side for a few years now and I don’t expect that to change.

There is a smooth curve to the cover glass which can be precise although I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s slightly more padded than here.

The same leaker also took pictures of a stainless steel watch and these look a bit better. The shiny edges are pretty cute, at least.

So what can we deduce from this?

Apple Watch Series 7 won’t look like this, but at least we can see that a thinner, better-designed version might look pretty cool. The real thing is expected in different colors, including a peppermint green, but at least these photos show that lighter colored watches in this style could work.

And, to be clear, you shouldn’t buy these fakes even if you can find them. The real thing will be here next month and will be worth the extra!

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