Scottish service ‘Rolex Deliveroo’ perfect for luxury foreclosure issues in Australia


The past eighteen months have been a challenge for businesses of all shapes and sizes, from your local grocery store to luxury department stores. Lockdown restrictions, economic uncertainty and declining consumer confidence have forced retailers, in particular, to drastically reassess their business models.

For many retailers, this meant a pivot to online-only storefronts, click-and-collect, or door-to-door delivery. It turns out that it even includes one of the world’s biggest luxury watch brands: Rolex.

The most successful watchmaker in the world and the most famous luxury brand bar none, Rolex is known to be notoriously protective of its brand image and has never had a commercial presence online. But when Rolex opened a new boutique in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, in the midst of a global pandemic, they decided to try something new.

Scotland’s only Rolex store has hired limo drivers to deliver its famous watches, with chauffeured staff all the way to Ullapool and parts of England to ensure customers have the same luxury in-store service they have. developed. Used to, The Glasgow Herald reports.

The Rolex store in Glasgow, located on the corner of Buchanan Street, one of the city’s most famous shopping streets. Image: WoS Group UK

It’s a new way to keep selling high-end watches in the midst of a pandemic. Like the most expensive Deliveroo order in the world… European boutiques from other watch brands have also turned to this model, notably the outpost of IWC Schaffhausen in Amsterdam and the German multibrand store Wempe.

Panerai in Italy tried an even more experimental way of selling watches earlier this year – a boutique on the high seas. Eilean, a Scottish yacht made famous as part of the music video for Duran Duran’s single in 1982 Rio, was restored by the brand and transformed into a mobile boutique, which slowly moved up the Italian coast, docking for short periods along the way.

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Still, there is something very apt about the idea of ​​a limousine stopping at your house and a Rolex dealer coming inside to unwind their watch roll on your coffee table. A Milgauss with your macaroons, sir? A Domino’s Air-King delivered instead of Domino’s Pizza?

Handle a Rolex Datejust with care. Image: Rolex

Glasgow isn’t the only city where Rolex recently opened a new boutique, despite the lingering specter of The Spicy Cough. Rolex recently opened a brand new three-story stand-alone boutique in the heart of Sydney – the largest Rolex boutique in the southern hemisphere.

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Given that Sydney is likely to be stranded until the end of this year at this point, perhaps Rolex in Sydney could start considering building their own limousine fleet.

Having said that, we’re not really looking to bring the Glasgow model to Australia. Remember, it was a limo driver in Sydney who (arguably) started this latest batch of blockages. The last thing you would want with your Cosmograph Daytona is a side dish of COVID-19 Delta …

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