Non-bank institutions are distinguished by the fact that their offer is unique and often targeted at specific groups of recipients. Good Finance without certificates from year to year are becoming an increasingly popular solution, which is used by a large group of people. The said payday loan without certificates was created in response to market needs, especially for clients who have no stable employment or whose earnings are irregular.

Payday loans without certificates – how does it work?

Payday loans without certificates - how does it work?

Polish borrowers are a group of relatively young people living in larger cities, enjoying life, investing in their own education, arranging their first own corner and spending often beyond their means.

To be able to use payday loans without income certificates, a few basic conditions must be met. First of all, our age is important. Most lenders on the market prepare their offers for adults – usually over 20 or 21 years old. Instantaneous payday income certificates also require a valid ID, telephone number and email address. When it comes to payday loans without certificates, a large proportion of lenders require that they have a permanent source of income, which should come from pay under a contract of employment, assignment or work. Due to the exceptional nature of the operation of non-bank institutions, money received from disability and old-age pensions is also taken into account. These are 3 basic conditions that must be met for the payday grant to be granted to us.

We mentioned fixed income and we were supposed to talk about payday loans without attestation. Well, during the verification of our bank account, it will be automatically checked what we have monthly inflows to the account. Loan companies rarely pay attention to what we receive our salary for. It is important that it flows in regularly. Thanks to this, we will not be asked to submit an income statement that we can get from the employer. We will handle the whole process without unnecessary formalities, and the only thing we will need to get the payday loan without certificates is to have a document confirming our identity.

As a result of the solutions applied, from year to year, quick payday loans without certificates are verified and granted in an increasingly shorter time, and the necessary money can be obtained even within 15 minutes of sending the application. Is it true? The Loan-Portal experts themselves checked how long the entire procedure takes from the moment the application is completed to the time the transfer is received with the loan to the account. You can read the results of our tests by clicking the “view test” button in the table below.

Payday loans without earnings certificates – what makes them different?

Payday loans without earnings certificates - what makes them different?

Instantaneous payroll without earnings certificates , as the name implies, is for a short period. While we are reviewing the offer of loan companies, we will notice that the majority of payday loans are granted for 30 days. It happens that we meet with payday loans for a slightly longer period of 45 or 60 days, but the companies that provide them belong to a minority. Still, it’s worth knowing that such solutions exist, because many of us can use them. Payday loans without earnings certificates are one more thing.

Compared to installment loans, we have a small amount available, not exceeding PLN 5,000. As everywhere there are exceptions and also in this case we can find lenders offering up to PLN 10,000 for a short repayment period. A low amount means lower interest rates and low fees – that is, a small liability = less problem repayment.

Payday loans online without certificates – apply online

Payday loans online without certificates - apply online

Instant cash-free online without certificates is primarily a salvation for the unemployed or those who change jobs and are at the stage of looking for another one. As we already know, standard banks do not provide financial support to people who cannot boast of stable income.

Similarly, if a person has a fixed monthly salary, but it does not come from a source unknown to the bank. In the case of payday loans, the type of work performed will not be such a big problem. What’s more, we can find loan companies that don’t even ask us where we earn our income from. In this case, people in poor work situations can easily apply for payday pay.

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