It is difficult that you have not found walking down the street or even straining between the windshield wiper of your car, advertisement with the claim to grant money with your car as a guarantee. Sounds to you, right? Of course yes. In fact, you may have found an interesting credit alternative if necessary.  

You should know that not all companies that offer you this option are the same or therefore inspire the same confidence.

Thus, many of them seem to hardly pay attention to the condition of the vehicle and use slogans that can leave the fly behind our ears: “maximum appraisal”, “cash payment”, “ease of processing” or take care of cars “in any state. “Nobody gives peseta hard and even less loans for useless cars.

In short, you must know which one you request which credit backed by your car. In our loan comparator we trust Good Finance Car. Therefore, we are going to tell you all about this company so you can decide if it deserves your trust and what conditions they ask you for granting your loans.

How are the loans offered?

How are the loans offered?

If you think you are interested in this kind of credit where your car is the guarantee, first of all you have to ensure that yours does not exceed ten years old (provided it is high end) and eight years in the rest of cases.

 Keep this in mind because it is an unavoidable requirement that does not support negotiation. In addition, you must reside on the peninsula or the Balearic Islands. Unfortunately, residents of the Canary Islands cannot take advantage of this credit opportunity.  

If you meet these two requirements, go ahead, read on.

How does it work?  

How does it work?  & nbsp;

Depending on the appraisal you receive, you can get up to a maximum of 10,000 euros (although honestly, and among us, this is a bit difficult because it would mean that the car is practically just left the dealership).

However, the most interesting thing about getting money with your car as an endorsement is that you continue to use it, because it is obvious that you may need it to move to work, take the children to school …

The procedure, of course, is very simple. Thus, the owner should only facilitate the make and model of the car. With these data, the appraisal is carried out based on the GANVAM guide. But stop here because, obviously, you will wonder what the Ganvam Guide is. We detail it in the next section.

What happens once the vehicle is priced?

What happens once the vehicle is priced?

After the appraisal of the vehicle, Good Finance will offer you an amount that, of course, you can accept or not. If you are interested, you should know that you can return it whenever you want. In fact, this company does not set limits in that regard to its customers.  

You will be able to pay per month rent fees for continuing to use your vehicle.  

And how long do you have to wait?  


In addition to getting a correct appraisal, you are interested in getting money as soon as possible. Specifically, from the company they ensure that “valuations are completed in 24 hours. Once the valuation is done, you can get the money you need. ”  

You should know that the Good Finance Group is a company based in Valencia that has been working in the sector for almost twenty years – it started in 2001 – and today, as they say on its website, it is “the largest non-bank financing company in Spain ”  

You may not be interested in applying for a loan with your car as an endorsement, but still rush that money. In that case, we remind you that in our comparator you have a great offer of companies that you can go to in search of an online loan that you will get quickly without paperwork.

You will have been able to verify that we are trying to offer you numerous financing formulas because we are aware that not all of our clients are equal and that they therefore present very different types of credit needs.

In any case, you can ask us any questions before deciding on any of them. For that we are!

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