Many people in a difficult financial situation rely on their family’s emotional and financial help. They expect emotional support from their loved ones and advice on how to solve their financial problems. But there is also a second group of people who keep their financial problems secret from their immediate surroundings. They try to maintain a positive atmosphere at home, protect their loved ones, and not burden them with information that might worry them. In other cases, they hide their financial problems simply because they are shy and afraid of conviction. They are worried that their family will be dismissed because of their debts and the marriage may be broken. Very often, they are silent about their financial difficulties even in the wider environment, such as colleagues, friends and employer; however, it will learn in the case of seizures anyway.


Concealment usually has a negative impact on family relationships

Unfortunately, as many who chose this way – silence before their loved ones – could tell, the concealment of problems in most cases ultimately negatively affects family relationships. Usually, the family sooner or later learns about it anyway. Family relationships are becoming more strained by the concealment of debts, weakening understanding and distrust, which is very difficult to remove. Often the situation becomes even more severe and family breakdown is not uncommon. Only then do people realize that if they confided in the family at the outset, it might not have gone that far.


Better to confide debt problems.

We try to explain to people who turn to us that concealing these difficulties can cause great disappointment in the family and affect future confidence. Of course, it is not always necessary for all your loved ones to know about your financial difficulties, such as your parents, who may not be able to handle the situation well. We will help many people from a very complicated situation and no one in the neighborhood will know about it.

However, consider whether it really pays to keep debts from your family when they can help you from the very beginning. People who confide are often relieved to find that their family has not written them off and is trying to help them.

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