A few weeks ago, I published an article about how much cash was needed to carry.

In the article I commented on the idea of ​​always having a little money at home for emergencies.

Logically, this had the problem of security and sleeping peacefully, given the possibility of a robbery for having too much money at home.

The problem of security and sleeping peacefully

The problem of security and sleeping peacefully

However, there are many places in a house where you can store a lot of money in a safe way, which does not have to be under the mattress, and that I am sure that many will not even have occurred to you.

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In case of theft, under the mattress is one of the first places where thieves look for cash.

Therefore finding another place to store money is drastically reducing the likelihood of someone finding your hiding place with money for small emergencies.

I recommend that you choose one of these hiding places and put your money there instead of under the mattress or other typical places like the drawer of the bedside table.

Without more we go with the list of places:

Without more we go with the list of places:

1. In an envelope attached to the bottom of a shelf in the kitchen.

2. Inside an airtight plastic bottle placed in your toilet tank.

3. In a plastic bag in the freezer

4. Inside a sock inside a drawer in your closet or bedside table.

5. In an empty medicine bottle.

6. In the pocket of a shirt in your closet. Remember not to wear that shirt or at least remember to get the money before.

7. In a folder in your document filing cabinet, with invoices, income statements, etc.

8. If you have a cat or dog, in an envelope attached to the bottom of your cat’s food dish or litter box.

9. In an envelope attached to the back of a box.

10. In the middle of several pages of a book or two on your bookshelf.

11. Buried inside a jar in a pot.

12. Same as above but in the yard or in the garden if you have.

13. In an envelope in the glove compartment of your car. It may not be the best place, if your car is stolen, the dislike will be double but it is also an option.

14. In an envelope stuck in the bottom of a drawer on your bedside table or dresser.

15. Inside a coffee jar in the back of a closet.

16. Inside the box with Christmas ornaments.

17. Inside an empty beer bottle in the back of the fridge.

18. In a plastic bag inside a flour bowl.

19. In an envelope inside a DVD box.

20. In a safe, if you have. Of course, after the mattress the thieves is the first place they will look

These are the places that have occurred to me.

Surely there are many more.

It is clear that the subject of this article is quite “light” but it is not a matter of any importance since having the money in your home in a safe place will give you much peace of mind d.

So choose a site well so you don’t have to regret it in the future.

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